The Italian Life and Culture: Photos of Life in Calabria


(photo: by Piero Morello.  Children in Calabrian classroom.)

One of the great appeals of living in a country like Italy is that daily life is truly enjoyed.  That is to say, a stroll by the sea, a day hunting with friends, or a simple prank in a classroom is seen as a form of fulfillment or happiness.

The following photos were all taken by a photographer named Piero Morello who lives in Bagnara Calabra (near my parent’s hometown of Pellegrina).  Piero shoots mostly in black and white and captures that wonderful simplicity and beauty that is the simple art of living in Calabria, like many areas of Italy.

Enjoy the photos:

(photo: by Piero Morello.  Hunter and dog)

(photo: by Piero Morello.  Grapes on vine)

(photo: by Piero Morello.  Hunter and dog)

(photo: by Piero Morello.  Hunters walking.)

(photo: by Piero Morello.  Hunter.)

(photo: by Piero Morello.  Sea near Bagnara Calabra.)


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