National Sandwich Day: Two Sandwich Recipes, Roasted Peppers, and My Guide to Italian Meats


In honor of National Sandwich Day here are two of my favorite egg sandwiches as well as a guide to Italian cured meats and how to make your own roasted peppers.  Enjoy the day and make a sandwich for dinner tonight!

Fried Egg Sandwich with Provola:


Next to salumi, the fried egg (with a runny warm, runny, yoke) makes the ideal sandwich ingredient, here’s a recipe:

Egg Pannino on Whole Wheat with Tomato and Chickpea Spread:


Another egg sandwich (not sure which recipe is better):

Guide to Italian Deli, or Cured, Meats:


I’ve waxed philosophically about my love of salumi on on numerous occasions and all of the following cured meats make excellent ingredients:

Roasted Peppers


Every sandwich could, or should, contain roasted peppers.  Please don’t ever buy canned roasted peppers as they’re very easy to make at home.  See my recipe:

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