Un pò d’amore per Scordo.com Fundraiser


(photo: Our cousin Diego in Calabria says, please donate to Scordo.com Vincenzo needs Un pò d’amore!)   

Un pò d’amore…
Scordo.com needs your love.  Well, specifically, we’re launching our first ever fundraiser to help off-set the costs of operating Scordo.com.  We’re not going to beg for money à la public radio and interrupt our programming or the great articles, photos, and advice you’ve come to expect from us (doesn’t that sound like a line from NPR?), but we’ll ask politely for any donation you can make to help with ongoing site development, hosting, and content production.  We’re a very lean operations at Scordo.com (namely, me!) and any help would be appreciated (we’ll run the fundraiser through the end of February and include a small banner on the right hand side of the site).

You can give (or not) what you’d like and we’ll be appreciative of any amount.  Securing additional additional funds will help us:
  • Redesign the site to make it easier to use and much prettier!
  • Add more daily posts!
  • Expand the site’s functionality and launch a few new site features.
  • Continue to spread the word about Italian food and the Italian way of living in the United States!
  • Fly to Calabria for a great summer vacation (just joking!).  
We’ll run the fundraiser through the end of February and reward one lucky contributor (picked via Random.org) with a Scordo.com gift package (please spread the word via Facebook!) which will include:
OK now, Mostra Scordo.com po ‘d’amore!  And grazie!

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