Scordo Pasta Challenge #25 Chitarra with Pesto



(photo: completed pesto sauce in a bowl made from the famous ceramic factories in Bagnara Calabra)

Chitarra is similar to spaghetti, but with squared edges. It was once cut on guitar strings, hence its unique name.  Here’s a great link to a “guitar pasta maker

(photo: Chitarra with pesto and a glass of Pinot Noir from Chile <light years ahead of any under $20 Pinot from Oregon or California>)

I used Rustichella Chitarra and prepared a pesto sauce to accompany the pasta.  The squared edges on the long pasta did a great job of adhering to the wonderfully thick and aromatic pesto sauce (see my recipe via Genoa-born neighbor Amelia).  The pesto sauce recipe has an interesting ingredient, so be sure to click through!


(photo: pesto via machine.  proper pesto is made from via mortar and pestle but I have soar arm from my poor, tennis, serving technique ) 


(photo: close up of the pesto)


(photo: salad with Romaine, dandelion greens, tomatoes, Persian cucumber, red onion, Greek feta with a mustard dressing)

My pasta intake is increasing in proportion to my current home improvement projects; good for getting weekend project completed but not for the author’s waistline.  Long live the Scordo Pasta Challenge.  


  1. I am relatively new to your blog and love your recipes. The homemade ricotta and pizza dough recipes are huge hits in our house. As I follow the pasta challenge I was wondering what brand of pasta do you recommend that I can easily find in Southern CA. I don’t want to work hard on a meal only to use a tasteless pasta.

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