Scordo Pasta Challenge – #23 Cencioni with Tomato Sauce



With some spectacular weather here on the East Coast my mind turned to the outdoors the last week or so, hence the long stretch without a post (my apologies).  

My latest pasta conquest centered on the Cencioni, a little known pasta from the Basilicata region of Italy.  Cencioni, or translated as “little rag”, is perfect for loose sauces.   Cencioni has great texture and could work well as a substitute for baked ziti.  The pasta is a bit difficult to cook as the outer edges cook before the dense center, 


I consumed the Cencioni as a “primo” with tomato sauce, followed by some roasted chicken with sauteed escarole.  The meal was extra special because it was accompanied by some newly bottled homemade wine (courtesy of Tommaso Sr.).   


  1. This looks delicious Vin. I’m sure your father’s wine was an excellent compliment to the meal as well.

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