Scordo’s Link Round Up: Italian Culture, Food, and LifeStyle



(Photo: that’s my mother, grandmother, and aunts leaning on an Oxen in rural Calabria)

If you haven’t noticed, has been posting on all things Italian as of late (salami, mushroom hunting, espresso, Italian cocktails/Amari, Italian immigrants and money, dry pasta, pesto, cheese, etc.) and I wanted to reassure my readers that while the editorial theme of will not move away from practical living, home & garden, personal finance, and food I will be dedicating a bit more space to Italian living content.  What this means is that you’ll continue to see the same great content on past topics such as remodeling your kitchen, making your own tomato sauce, and saving money, but you’ll gain new entries on Italian culture, products, and lifestyle (from the perspective of a first generation Italian-American!).  

With the above said, here’s a list of three Italian-themed sites and blogs I recently stumbled upon; if you have others that should be on this list drop me a note and I’ll review them and add if appropriate:
Written by Joe from MA. Joe writes on Italian-American traditions and his food, culture, and living experiences both in the States and in Italy.

Michelle is a former attorney from PA whose family is originally from Calabria.  A couple year’s ago she picked up and moved to Calabria full time!  Michelle is basically living my dream; go and read all about her adventures!

Ciao Chow Linda
A food blog with tons of great photos!  Linda was born in the States, moved to Italy, and now write about Italy and food from the US!


  1. Hey thanks for the mention; I look forward to reading through your blog 🙂

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