Let Us Feed You Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pastificio Vicidomini Pasta Giveaway


(photo: the three Pastificio Vicidomini pastas and extra virgin olive oil included in the contest – six total items – the photo was taken in our basement pantry so excuse the appearance)

We love making people happy with food and nothing warms my heart here at Scordo more than giving away great Italian food products to our loyal readers and fans.  So, it’s with great pleasure that we announce our latest contest including three superb (1 liter sizes) extra virgin olive oils and and three fantastic pastas.  The contest could not be possible without our dear friends over at Olio2Go (purveyors of some of the best extra virgin olive oils and pastas on the planet)  The extra virgin olive oil includes:

(photo: the Italian extra virgin olive oils included in the contest:
Frankies 457 DOP Olio Nuovo 2011,
Principe di Mascio Novello 2011, and Santisi Novello 2011 Olio Extra Vergine)
  • Frankies 457 DOP Olio Nuovo 2011 – 1 Liter – this is raw, unfiltered, oil made from the Nocellara olive and produced in Partanna, Sicilia.  I love Frankies extra virgin olive oil because you can both cook and dress with it (namely, you can saute a piece of chicken or dress a tomato salad with 457 COP Olio Nuovo; it’s also one of my favorite oils to use when I made homemade tomato sauce).   The Frankies brand is connect with the well known restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  $38.95
  • Principe di Mascio Novello 2011, 1 Liter – this oil is from Umbria and made from Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio olives.  The oil has great characteristics including spicy and bitter notes and is labeled as organic.  I like to use Principe di Mascio on great bread and in soups.  $38.95
  • Santisi Novello 2011 Olio Extra Vergine, 1 Liter – hailing from Messina in Sicilia and made from Sant’Agatese olives this oil is one of the sweetest we’ve sampled (yet it does have some bitter components on the finish).  I like making pasta with garlic, parsley, and anchovy with Santisi Novello.  $38.95
The pastas include:

  • Pastificio Vicidomini Mezzi Fischiotti, 500 grams – made in Castel San Giorgio, near Naples, in Campania Vicidomini is a true artisan pasta (bronze dies, long drying periods, organic semolina, etc.).  Mezzi Fischiotti is similar to Ditaloni, but with ridges.  I like using the pasta in bean soup or baked in the oven with tomato sauce and fresh whole milk mozzarella.  $6.75
  • Pastificio Vicidomini Tagliatelle, 500 grams – made with the same high quality ingredients as the Mezzi Fischiotti above tagliatelle is an ideal pasta shape for cream or Alfredo sauce !  You can also pair the pasta with a rick meat sauce.  $6.75
  • Pastificio Vicidomini Lemon Linguine, 500 grams – this is an ideal pasta to use when making any type of fish sauce (given the subtle hint of lemon).  Alternatively, you can serve the lemon linguine with a traditional pesto sauce.  $6.75

There you have it, three great pastas and three tremendous extra virgin olive oils.  All six items represent Italian food products at their best and I’d be honored if you enter our contest!

(photo: the Pastificio Vicidomini Tagliatelle made with a salmon fish sauce)
 – Prize Giveaway includes the three extra virgin olive oil referenced above as well as the three pastas specified (Olio2go has the right to substitute a product if they are out of stock)
– What you need to do to enter: 1. leave a comment under this post on how you would use any of the two products included in the giveaway and 2. sign up for both the Scordo and Olio2go fan pages on Facebook.
– Only one entry per person please.
– The contest is open until 12 midnight on 2/29 and a single random user will be picked (sorry contest only open to folks from the US given shipping logistics).  The winner will be announced immediately on Twitter (so please follow me) and on Scordo.com on Thursday 5PM EST, 3/1.
– Please use a valid email address when leaving a comment so I can contact you just in case you’re the lucky winner.
– Olio2go will send out the package week of 3/5.


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  2. The first dish I would make with these excellent products is aglio e olio. This is a no-brainer because, as we know, when you have few ingredients in a dish, they must be of the best quality.

  3. I’m following Scordo and Olio2go on FB! I often make handmade pasta, and would looove to taste these exceptional products!! I would make many dishes, and esp to try the pasta with just olive oil and parmesan to experience the wonderful taste. Also the olive oil in antipasti and pesto. I was named after my Italian grandmother with 13 children, and getting the sauce right is very important!

  4. I’m following Scordo and Olio2go on Facebook! I would like to use all of them, and one dish would be to use the Pastificio Vicidomini Lemon Linguine with peas, onion, red and green peppers fresh from the garden with Principe di Mascio Novello 2011 oil!

  5. I’d love to use the tagliatelle and Santisi Novello 2011 Olio Extra Vergine to make a dish with shrimp and baby artichokes with lemon! I follow Scordo and Olio2go on Facebook!

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