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Hello readers and welcome to the first Best of Money Carnival for 2010!  I’m excited and honored to be hosting this week’s carnival (thanks to Free Money Finance). There was no shortage of quality content submitted (70 articles in total) from eliminating credit card debt and marital tips on dealing with money to how board games teach valuable life lessons and revisiting the idea of charitable giving.  Let’s dig right in with the the top ten articles, including a quick summary from yours trully:
I spent a couple of hours playing Settlers of Catan with some good friends on New Year’s Eve and I thoroughly enjoyed the game.  Board games are a microcosm for life and teach some great lessons.  My Life ROI looks at some popular board games and the hidden Personal Finance lessons contained in each game.

I’ve come across a few bums in my life (many of them reside in New Jersey), but none that have aspired to “bumhood.”  Funny About Money conducts a great interview with a 47 year old retired man who practices the “state of idelness” full time
If there’s one golden rule about enjoying a great marriage is that husband and wife need to be on the same financial page (I’ve come to this conclusion through intuition and personal experience!).  The Wealth Pilgrim actually has a three step process for improving both your money and marriage at the same time!
JD over at Get Rich Slowly has been working on a 13 part series on the core tenents of his personal finance blog  The final installement in his series focuses on money and happiness and it’s a great read.
My immigrant dad despises giving, in any sense, to anyone outside of his immediate families (his philosophy centers on helping yourself before you help others or large organizations – this is a hardcore approach to personal finance and savings).  For a broader viewer, Free Money Finance waxes philosophically on the subject of giving to charities. 
I often tell my friends under 30 that the personal finance decisions they make between the ages of 18-30 are the most important decisions of their young lives.  Own the Dollar looks at 83 money moves to make before you turn 30.
Jeff Roses looks at the top 135 Personal Finance posts of 2009.  Jeff deserves to be included this week just for the huge documentation effort and not to mention the great resource he’s put together for his readers (Jeff if you have some spare time my home office need reorganizing!).
Lazy Man and Money presents a great overview of the marketing techniques used by companies to convert on sales.  And his post both warns against the aforementioned techniques and the merits of using the tactics as a business (moral dilemma?)  
Unlike many PF bloggers I’ve never experienced the bad taste of credit card debt, but Matt Jabbs over at Debt Free Adventure offers 12 tips on how to get out of credit card dept (just in case you’re currently suffering from a plastic addiction).
David Bakke guest posts on The Digerati Life and offers some insight on the idea of Net Worth vs Self Worth.


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