Personal Finance and Frugal Living Link Roundup


There have been some great blog posts on the web this past week focused on happiness and savings, frugal living, how to talk about sensitive money/job issues, etc. and here are the best of the lot:

Trent @TheSimpleDollar talks about Happiness and Saving for the Future

– JD @ Get Rich Slowly posted a nice article on great wine buys and even had a guest video blog by Gary Vaynerchuk from the .  JD also had a great entry on the ROI of gardening (part of a series)

The MSN Smart Money blog has several blog entries on “8 Questions Not To Ask In This Economy”  , “Netflix: Frugal or Not”  and “50 Financial Skills Every Person Needs to Have”

Frugal Dad has an article on “Budget Avoidance Syndrome”  and the “Black Friday Sales Emotional Trap”

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