How to Avoid Bill Creep


drip.jpgThe Wall Street Journal’s Karen Blumenthal has a highly relevant article on “Bill Creep” that is a must read.  Bill Creep is associated with auto renewing services that are purchased ala carte, such as adding cell phones to a plan, moving to a data plan for a Smartphone, premium channel upgrade to a cable subscription, increasing your Netflix subscription from 3 movies to 4 movies out at once, and moving from a basic gym membership to personal trainer and dietary services.  

The dangerous thing about Bill Creep, as Blumenthal argues, is that it happens over time yet delivers a financial hit every month due to the use of a credit card.  How do you keep Bill Creep under control?  Try the following three bits of advice:

1. Evaluate whether you truly need the service or product and side with simplicity when it comes to the latest gadgets and services.

2. Just get the basics.  Do you really need a Smartphone, Netflix subscription, and a gym membership? Pick a few basics and stick with them.

3. Say no to pressure from the service provider to upgrade.

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