Antipasto Ideas and Why We Cook and Blog: Eggplant and Ricotta Bruschetta, Olives, Salumi, Cheese, and Pickled Mushrooms

Antipast including salami from Creminelli, olives, homemade roasted peppers and pickled wild mushrooms, and cheese.

Cook to Blog or Cook to Live and Enjoy Life?

When we cook and have friends and family over the last thing we want to do is document the process (and take photos).   This may sound sacrilegious coming from a food blogger, but it’s the truth.  For us, preparing and consuming food is not about pictures and words but rather about eating good food with good people (this, in our view, is one of the key components of the Italian life and, in turn, living well).

As an example, we recently had a lovely evening with our friends David and Christine who were visiting the northeast in late June and whom we invited to our home for dinner.  David was the inspiration behind several Scordo articles on entrepreneurship and starting your own business so we thought it was fitting to share a meal with a good friend who helped us “make some content!”

Various bruschetta including: chopped olives with parsley, ricotta and eggplant, and spinach and Pecorino

Our meal consisted of a few aperitifs followed by an antipasto or easy dinner starters, such bruschetta, salami from Creminelli, cheese, homemade pickled wild mushrooms, olives, and homemade roasted peppers.  We also prepared a primo featuring rigattoni with homemade ricotta, eggplant, and tomato sauce (viz., pasta alla Norma).  Our secondo included chicken breast with mushrooms in a lemon/vermouth sauce, as well as some contorni: roasted sweet potatoes with onions and fennel seed and a tomato salad with fresh, whole milk, mozzarella.  A simple dolce including from scratch flour-less chocolate cake finished the evening.  Needless to say, the only documented evidence of the evening are included in this post and while we would have loved to offer our fans a glimpse into an intimate dinner party we relished the time we didn’t lose with our guests (and in turn have less photos to share with you).  However, we still love you loyal fans and in the words of Caruso, “Te voglio bene assai ma tanto tanto bene sai…”


  1. Well worth the wait!  Best meal of the summer.  Christine has even found and purchased that wine you served, because she liked it so much.

  2. I don’t read all your posts, but I have to comment on this one – Excellent!
    Although the antipasto photo is great, like you. I don’t cook to blog but I cook to eat well.

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