Grilled Chicken and Fennel Salad with Feta


(photo: grilled chicken, fennel and feta salad, a few pieces of good bread and a bottle of Brooklyn Pilsner)

We eat tons of fennel during the winter months and usually consume it in a salad or immediately after a meal (as a digestivo).  Recently, we put together a fennel salad comprising of a simple vinaigrette and lots of good feta cheese from a local Greek market.  The salad was a side for grilled chicken that was marinated in soy sauce, honey, and orange zest.

The meal made a perfect lunch and outside of marinating the chicken for about an hour it took about 15 minutes to prepare.  Total cost was under $15.00 including organic chicken breast, one bulb of fennel, and a small piece of feta.  
We used unfiltered Casale Extra Virgin Olive Oil both in the salad dressing above and for our recent crostini / bruschetta post.  Casale is made in Abruzzo of 90% Dritta and 10% Leccino olives. The olives are harvested, crushed and bottled within 36 hours.  Casale extra virgin olive oil is also great in soups, drizzled on fresh after plating your soup.  The oil is bitter (kind of like good arugula) and has a raw citrus profile, including a deep green color.

(photo: grilled chicken marinated in soy sauce, honey, and orange zest)

(photo: fennel and feta salad with lots of cracked pepper and dried oregano)

(photo: fennel and feta salad made with Casale extra virgin olive oil from Abruzzo)


  1. That looks like a delicious meal — especially the chicken.

  2. Have never been a big fan of the flavor of fennel, Vince, but will have to try again in respect to the great look of this salad. Looks tasty with the chicken and feta, and the Brooklyn seems like the perfect pairing!
    Even if I don’t do the salad, really want to grab a six pack of the Pilsner…

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