Basics of Couponing and Getting Free Stuff with GeorgineSaves


This is a guest post from Georgine Kaczmarek at
Georgine Kaczmarek has been a professional penny pincher for over 40 years. Given the moniker “Coupon Queen” by various media outlets, Georgine has offered advice and suggestions for television, magazine, and news publications. She has given lectures to help people learn to shop better and save money.
Couponing has been a way of life for Georgine for over forty years. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother but started as a teenager. She learned quickly that she could get coupons for free items and also cash rebates. Since then, Georgine always looks for ways to get everything free or almost free. Some of the free items Georgine often gets are groceries, health and beauty items, toys, appliances, telephones, clothing, cameras, books, and much more.
Georgine believes that if you are a savvy shopper and aware of sales / control impulse buying everyone everyone can save money..
Here are 10 simple couponing tips from Georgine:
1. Be organized.
2. Read sales circulars to find the best deals.
3. Clip coupons and combine them with the deals in the circular.
4. Get store loyalty cards as these often give benefits.
6. Get rain checks when products aren’t available.
6. Always check your cash register receipts.
7. Watch cashiers as they ring up your purchases and check for accuracy.
8. Stock up when items are on sale.
9. Get anything for free …  If you can’t use it, someone else can.
10. Don’t be brand or store loyal.

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