Scordo’s Link Round Up: Savers Aren’t Bad, Best Deals, Lucky Buyers

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Smart or Just Lucky: The Home Buying Roll of the Dice
Excerpt: My point in sharing all of this is, we’re not all that different from someone that stretched to buy a house in the last few years, and then got burned by the tanking housing market, increasing unemployment, a catastrophic illness, or the stock market’s decline.  All the circumstances over the past 18 years:  low interest rates, job security, increasing housing prices, and our increasing income, worked in our favor.  via RetiredSyd
Savers Are Not Bad for the US Economy 
Excerpt: I’ll take it a step further, and argue that savers are good for the economy. We’re thinking about long term success and prosperity. We won’t be late on our mortgage, miss credit card payments, or declare bankruptcy. We’ll pay our debts and live a sustainable lifestyle.  via PimpYourFinance
Save Money With All Kinds of Deals 
Excerpt: 5 dollars off $25 coupon at Rite Aid.  Good deals at  Free shipping for Bats and Gloves at Modell’s.  Stop and Shop Double Dollar Days.  March is Frozen Food Month. Certificates 50% Off  via GeorgineSaves
How I Become a Millionaire (Part I)
Excerpt: One of the most complicated questions I’m asked is, “How, exactly, did you do it? How did you become a millionaire?”. I find myself scratching my head and “uhmm”-ing in response, not because I don’t remember, but because it was a process rather than one identifiable event. My short answer is this: we lived below our means and invested in our future.  Via MillionaireMommyNextDoor
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