Scordo’s Link Round Up For December 10th, 2008


link.jpgAn investing 101 entry that describes index funds, ETF’s, etc.  Via Get Rich Slowly

How do children affect financial goals and priorities?  Most folks don’t think of this issue until after they have children (then it’s too late). Via Get Rich Slowly

A pros and cons of credit card use debate; to me, the answer is obvious, but don’t take my word for it.  Via Frugal Dad

Everyone should learn how to love books and reading, but it can be an expensive hobby if you buy books new.  Learn how to not buy books.  Via DumbLittleMan

Green Living 101 – great tips!   Via The Greenest Dollar.

The debate about what you want given what you have (or are you a capitalist when you are rich and a socialist when you are poor).  Via the Toa of Making Money.

Finally, while totally off-topic, TwitterVision is intoxicating – warning this could get you dizzy.  Via a person on Twitter I can’t remember.

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