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(photo: left to right: simmering green beans and tomato sauce by Scordo and Man Reading

by John Singer Sargent)

Today we launch a new feature on the site called, “What We’re Reading” and it will basically function as a mechanism to share our notes on cooking, eating, thinking, drinking, and, on occasion, fuming about.    

New York Times Dining & Wine – I respect Jacques Pépin for his insistence on the technical aspects of cooking and his philosophy of not wasting ingredients.  
Michael Ruhlman – He’s written a great book on curing pork, including a simple homemade soppressata recipe.
The Kitchn – Put this one in “fuming” category as the article discusses whether one should opt to buy or make his/her own tomato sauce.  Come on, really?!
Ciao Chow Linda – We love Linda and we love fava beans, so we’re sharing her fava bean puree recipe with you.
The New Yorker – the planet now has 8 billion people living on it and there are serious questions about feeding everyone on our tiny rock – a critical article to read and think about.
Memorie di Angelina – A lawyer by day and Italian food expert by night, Frank’s recipe for zucchini parmesan is worth a try.

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