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Do Your Children Hustle? 7 Tips for Parents For Ensuring a Strong Work Ethic

Do Your Children Hustle? 7 Tips for Parents For Ensuring a Strong Work Ethic

Continuing on the theme of offering parents practical tips, I ask the all important question: Do Your Children Hustle? 7 Tips for Parents For Ensuring a Strong Work Ethic Teaching your kids to hustle or instilling a good work ethic is critical to raising children, in my view.  And it seems many of today’s young children are spoiled and posses a [...]

How to Avoid Bill Creep

The Wall Street Journal’s Karen Blumenthal has a highly relevant article on “Bill Creep” that is a must read.  Bill Creep is associated with auto renewing services that are purchased ala carte, such as adding cell phones to a plan, moving to a data plan for a Smartphone, premium channel upgrade to a cable subscription, increasing your Netflix subscription from [...]

Childhood Obesity and Food: 10 Tips for Parents

Do you remember the food they served in your high school cafeteria?  Well, let me remind you: pepperoni pizza, French fries, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, etc.  The food served in American schools might as well be poison because it is killing children in the long run.  Here are some fun facts on children and obesity in the US: - 16.3% of [...]

Back to Basics: Classic Drink Recipes for the Recession

60 Minutes ran a segment on Sunday night on DHL (formerly Airborne Express) and how they will be shutting down their entire US hub in Wilmington, Ohio.  The job cuts in Wilmington alone will result in the lose of 10,000 area jobs.  Moreover, NPR ran a similar story on Microsoft, Pfizer, Home Dept, Caterpillar all announcing job cuts (totaling some [...]

I’m From New Jersey

Like the popular folk song states, “I’m from New Jersey.”  Yes, that State next to New York defined by the “Turnpike”, Tony Soprano, and Bruce Springsteen.  However, and as Lee Siegel point out in an excellent Wall Street Journal article, “The Hidden State of Culture”, New Jersey often gets a bum wrap. New Jersey has produced countless artists, academics, musicians, [...]

Financial Stress and the Psychology of Money

Kiplinger’s magazine ran an excellent piece in their February issue on how to cope with financial stress.  The article highlighted six key tactics to deal with a shrinking portfolio: 1. Everything passes.  Financial goings-on are cyclical, like most life events, so just wait out the negative cycles. 2. Exercise.  Working out can help with any type of stress. 3. Know [...]

StoveTop Espresso

StoveTop Espresso

In my view, espresso is the greatest representation of coffee on the planet.  I do enjoy a cup of French Press coffee each and every day but when I crave pure coffee taste, I brew up a batch of stovetop espresso or at times referred to as Moka pot.  True espresso aficionados head for a coffee bar or own their [...]

Poached Egg with Crumbled Toast (Uovo in Camicia)

Poached Egg with Crumbled Toast (Uovo in Camicia)

Beyond a perfectly roasted chicken and a plate of linguine with extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmigiano Reggiano there are few dishes that can come close to the texture and flavor of a gently Poached Egg with Crumbled Toast (Uovo in Camicia).  Here’s our easy recipe: Poached Egg with Crumbled Toast Author: Vince from Scordo Ingredients 1 large egg Kosher [...]

The Myth of the One-Family Home: Income and Security For Young Familes and Retirees

Most Americans aspire to owning a one-family home with a nice backyard and a white picket fence.  They imagine their kids riding their big wheel up and down the driveway and family barbecues on their back deck.  At face value, there is nothing wrong with owning a one family home, afterall, a home without tenants or extra maintenance comes without [...]

Cheap Eats: 4 Recession Proof Ingredients for Cooking at Home

As I’ve said in the past, eating out/ordering in is a colossal waste of money and beyond the occasional breakdown or special night out I tend not to reach for the Chinese take out menu or make reservations at our local restaurant very often.  My other rationale for not eating out is that I simply will not get the same [...]