Creminelli Salami Holiday Give Away Contest


(photo: Creminelli owner Cristiano with his artisan salami)

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of tasting and reviewing a wide variety of Creminelli salami, including Cacciatore, Sopressata, and Piccante and the salami was some of the best I’ve tasted (and I’ve consumed a ton of both US and Italian salami).  In fact, I was so excited about the Creminelli salami I asked both the company President Chris and head salami maker and owner Cristiano if we could somehow let folks taste artisan salami at its finest.  What we all came up with is a Salami Holiday Giveaway!
Here are the details:


(photo: Creminelli salami developing it’s unique flavor)

 – Prize Giveaway includes a sampling of Creminelli’s finest salami, including: 1 piece of White Truffle Salami, 1 piece of Wild Boar Salami, 2 pieces of Salami Barolo, and 2 pieces of Salami Piccante (note by pieces these are whole salami!!)
– What you need to do to enter: 1. leave a comment under this post on your favorite Italian salami or how you like to consume salami (for example, in a sandwich, with wine, with cheese, by itself, etc. and 2. sign up for Creminelli’s fan page on Facebook here.
– Only one entry per person please.
– The contest is open until 12 midnight on 12/19 and a single random user will be picked (sorry contest only open to folks from the US given shipping logistics).  The winner will be announced immediately on Twitter (so please follow me) and on on Sunday 5PM EST, 12/20
– Please use a valid email address when leaving a comment so I can contact you just in case you’re the lucky winner. 
– Creminelli will send out the salami package on 12/21 via 2nd day air so you can enjoy the product during the holiday season / Christmas! 
Just think how impressed your family and friends will be if you come out with a dish of expertly crafted, artisan, salami during one of your holiday parties!  
Good luck and spread the word!  Read more about the products in the Creminelli contest here!

Update: The lucky winner (picked via is Luanda!  Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating. 


  1. One of my favorite types of salami is sopressata, the first bites of which must be salami alone. Once I’ve gotten a taste of the meat, then I’ll pick a cheese and if the mood strikes, perhaps a bit of bread. I can’t think of a better breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

  2. They all sound wonderful. I like mine with a glass of red wine while I cook.

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  4. I love salami wrapped around a little onion and a lot of cheese

  5. Sopressata is my favorite. I always start by tasting the salami alone. If I happen to have a cheese that will compliment it but not distract, I’ll add that. Most often, however, the salami wins and I eat it alone because it is the star.

  6. I love marinated eggplant rolled in salami, as an antipasta dish with garden salad special olives etc

  7. I love to eat salami sliced super thin with a glass of red wine. Yumm.

  8. Clicked through from the mention on Ruhlman’s twitter.
    And, honestly, I have no idea. I have a trip planned to Italy this year, where I’d love to find out. But this isn’t an area I have explored much. And a whole sampler sounds to me like a great way to explore.

  9. Piccante, simply sliced 1/4 inchish, room temperature, sit back, relax, savor…… If someone made great nduja, in U.S., I would love to get my hands on that.

  10. Boar and Goat salamis are my favorite. best eaten in an agriturismo in southern italy where the air smells of dried meats, with a thin slice of pecorino, and of course accompanied by various other fatty dried meats and sausages, a glass of local wine optional.

  11. My absolute, absolute favorite are small cacciatore… I just love the texture of these small porky goodies – between soft and chewy – and then the peppery, porky, gamye-like taste coming through… Absolute perfection!

  12. I love eating my salami on its own – with no extras – with a tall glass of dark beer. Ah..

  13. I love salami by itself or on a sandwich. Would love to win this.

  14. Oh heavens, I love mortadella. Technically I think it’s referred to as a bologna or sausage more than salume, though, is it?
    A nice trio of mortadella with sopressata and some cheese is the perfect snack; I could really eat that all day.

  15. My favorite is the white truffle sausage that Christiano makes. I like it with some water crackers and an antipasti plate. Creminelli sausage rocks and is the best I have ever tasted…so glad he is here in Utah!

  16. Yum.
    I’m not much of a salami connoisseur, but I would love to sample these and share them with my family and friends.

  17. I have to say Sopressata is my favorite overall, but the kind with larger grind/ actual chunks. From Creminelli, the wild boar I tasted at Zingerman’s this summer was very unique and I still look forward to getting that one, but my girlfriend is of course addicted to your white truffle salami!!

  18. I eat salami with cheese and bread, accompanied by wine.

  19. There is nothing like a good salami…
    Love it plain to taste the lovely and differing flavors.
    My mouth is salivating and my tongue is searching as I input this post!

  20. I love a Salami Piccante sliced thinly and served alongside an antipasti of roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and mushrooms marinated in a lemon-rosemary or basil vinaigrette. I add a ricotta salata and sometimes a soft creamy cheese that would balance well against the Salami. And wonderful with a nice Montepulciano. The salami, still the star, marries well with the flavors. A really yum interlude!

  21. My favorite way to eat salami is rolled around a thin slice of pickle. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of cheese. Second best is just nibbling on a wedge. Wine or beer – whatever is handy.

  22. Thanks for the comments, thus far. Remember, you need to leave a valid email address, as well.
    Spread the word and get your friends to enter!

  23. I sit by the crackle of the fire with the sound of soft music playing in the background. I slice off a ample wedge of Creminelli White Truffle and slide back into my rich leather chair and savor the flavor, the smell, the delicate ambrosia. The succulent flavors emanate excellence from each luscious mouthful . You have not experienced perfection until you have savored one of these masterful salamis. That is the truth, you have my word.

  24. My favorite use for Salami’s would be in a fine tomato sauce or gravy. Lots of Soprressata both hot and sweet and some hard salumi as well. THe aroma wafting from a big pot of sauce flavored with these is incredible meaty and garlicky just heaven!

  25. I’m a purist. Salami is best eaten sliced 1/4 – 1/2 cm thin and eaten with crusty bread. My favorite as an everyday salami is sopressata. But I had a finocchiona at a great NYC restaurant in the past and that ranks high for me too.
    Disclaimer: Don’t let my last name fool you. I am just like any other contestant!

  26. I need to win this contest so I can spread some authentic salami love here in the Midwest. We’re a little too focused on BBQ. So, we love meat, but I think there is a market share growth opportunity here! Salami – definitely with a good piece of cheese and a red wine chaser!

  27. I have never really tasted Italian Salami just the stuff you get from a grocery store. I would love to be the lucky winner and get a chance to taste it all. I imagine I would love it with some good cheese.

  28. I am a huge fan of salumi. I have turned several friends onto Sopressata, with cheese, red wine, & crusty bread. I also like to slice a few pieces with an antipasti type salad, before having a red sauce with pasta. I am an adventurous foodie, I am excited at the possibility of a Creminelli tasting!! In any case I plan to research Creminelli for future fun food parings.

  29. I love Genoa Salami on toasted Italian bread with a slice of sharp white cheddar cheese and a little bit of spicy mustard!

  30. I’ve loved salami since I was a little girl and my uncle made it in his “shop” to sell in the family store. My aunt and uncle lived in a large apartment over the store and shop. The smell of home made salami always reminds me of the memories I have of growing up in a huge Italian family and the taste of holiday celebrations.

  31. What a fabulous giveaway. I love salami. My favorite type would be White Truffle Salami!
    Facebook fan: carolyn gonzalez

  32. I take my salami with strong cheese. As a kid I used to stack in my lunch sandwich after toasted them until their bloody shiny and curled on the end before consuming that salted meat with chips. Now I’m more refined and eat it with cheese and wine if it’s available.

  33. I love salami! I find the combination of spices and cured pork to be amazing! I wish the Cuban culinary tradition had the equivalent of high quality salami (Cuban cuisine can’t compete with Italian food).

  34. My whole family loves salami! My young children eat it as snacks with cheese and olives. I love it the same way way, with a glass of wine – perfect dinner!

  35. When we’re on vacation in Lake George during the summer, my family loves to sit on the open front porch with a couple of cocktails and a bunch of appetizers before dinner, especially thinly sliced Genoa salami with provolone on crackers or crusty bread. Around the Thanksgiving holiday, we enjoy soppresata in the same way, with a nice glass of red,
    maybe a merlot or Sangiovese. Starting to get hungry,

  36. I like my salami with cheese and wine, with my roomate mike scordo.

  37. I like salami with cheese and mustard and as an appetizer before Thanksgiving as my uncle prepares it in Bloomfield NJ.

  38. there’s nothing like a slice of hard salami on a ritz or saltine with a tiny bit of butter on top of the cracker. that alongside a nice full bodied old world red to cut through it is something for any chilly fall saturday or blustery winter sunday.

  39. As the grateful and oh so happy winner of this salami sampler I want to thank Vincent and the Creminelli Meats family. OMG!!! I was able to share these wonderful salamis on a couple of occasions. At a Christmas party, I brought a link of the Barolo. A look of puzzlement turned into delight. Yes it was a hit! A teenager exclaimed: This isn’t salami! It’s better than salami. The other link I shamelessly consumed myself. On New Year’s Eve I brought a sampler platter to the hoohaw that I attended. The overall winner by far was the Truffle salami. Everyone loved it. Did not matter what they were drinking. Wine, beer, champagne, mixed drinks. The only dissenter was 1 vote for the Piccante. I think it was because they were drinking Bourbon. I’m pretty sure that this was the first time that people ate artisinal salami. Many eyes and palates were opened. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will have to make the trek to Heinen’s to resupply.

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