National Arancini Day: May 1st 2010



If you haven’t noticed I’ve been consuming a ton of pasta lately given the Scordo Pasta Challenge.  I’ve had everything from bucatani with olive oil and parsley to tripoloni with tomato sauce.   However, I’ve also been consuming another starch with equivalent joy, namely the almighty arancini or rice ball (click here for my recipe)!  And while my love and devotion for pasta will continue given the aformentioend challenge I wanted to also pay homage to the rice ball.  

So, the executive staff behind (there are actually no executives or staff at have decided to designate May 1st as global Arancini Day.  The designation is a first (according to a few informal web searches) and I’m asking that loyal readers fry up their  versions of Arancini on May 1st, 2010 and send in photos of their golden and crisp rice masterpieces.  Thereafter, I’ll post any photo and recipe here and we can continue the tradition every year!  The logic behind Arancini Day is that rice balls require a little bit of time to prepare and carefully fry (I don’t make them more than 2x per year, for example) so why not designate a single day throughout the year to fry up a patch and share on the web!
Please share this post on Twitter and Facebook and via eMail with friends and family!  Send all photos (and/or recipes) to blog at scordo dot com.  And rice balls aren’t just an Italian thing, for example there’s the equivalent of a Filipino rice ball that is also deep fried!


  1. I’m sooooo excited! National Arancini Day–May 1st!
    You know, I’ve been making risotto cakes for quite awhile, which I would say is the ‘southern’ take on Arancini.
    Thank you, Vince! It’s going to be so much fun to see all the different recipes.

  2. Thanks, Annelle, I’m going to check out the article!

  3. In Sicily where the Arancine was prepared for the first time, Arancina Day is in December,8th when we celebrate Santa Lucia.

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