Lazy Weekend Lunch: Radish and Fennel Salad, Bruschetta with Tuna in Olive Oil, and Avocado and Red Onion


(photo: fennel salad with radish and feta)

By now most of you are well aware of my passion for lazy weekend lunches (see my tomato salad and sardine lunch and leftover salad).  Optimally, a lazy weekend lunch is consumed under a bit of shade (with temperatures in the mid 70’s), with a loving family, a beautiful bottle of wine (yes, wine can be beautiful) and a simple meal constructed of whatever you have in your kitchen (you can of course plan and buy exotic ingredients, but simplicity, at times, yields memorable food moments).

(photo: sliced avocado with red onion, lime juice, and extra virgin olive oil)
Recently, I had one such, ethereal, lazy weekend lunch consisting of a radish and fennel salad, sliced avocado with red onion, tuna in olive oil on whole wheat, pita, bruschetta.  The fennel salad included feta cheese, lots of red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, dried oregano, and Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.  The avocado salad included lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, and Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Finally, I dressed the tuna in olive oil with dried oregano and freshly ground pepper and toasted a few whole wheat pitas.

We enjoyed the meal with a bottle of French Merlot from Saint-Emilion.


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