Scordo’s Link Round Up: Find Coins at Home, Cabin Fever, & Cheap Dates


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Five Ways To Save Money At A Sporting Event  
Excerpt: **This is a guest post by Jeff Rose. In my hometown, one of the things that my wife and I enjoy doing is going to see our former alma mater battling it out on the basketball court.  I’m sure most can relate to attending a similar event, whether it be your former university… via
Excerpt: I’ve been happily married to the same man for 22 years. What is our secret to marital bliss? In one word, communication. Oh yeah, and respect. I’d better add kindness, cooperation, compromise, commitment, shared values and fun. AND date nights! via

Excerpt: I was thinking about why more people and families don’t have a budget.*It’s really the thing to do to keep track of your expenses and income and make sure you don’t go over with your spending. I thought about all the… via
Excerpt: It seems like a good time to post a winter favorites list. You all helped me out greatly last week with your suggestions about where I should go when I get to Tokyo and Kyoto – what better time to return the favor and highlight a few of my favorite things on this end via
Excerpt: We love it when we get emails like this. Reader Patricia from Montreal wrote us saying that she loves the site, and it inspires her cooking. She took Emma’s Januaryweekend project challenge to make homemade pasta, and look at how well it turned out! Read on to see more of her homemade pasta. via
Excerpt: The month of February I’ll be offering a money-making tip every weekday. Here’s the one for today: Make money by blogging. I’ve talked about this idea a bit before, but I wanted to add some specifics today. via
Excerpt: It’s tax time! It’s hard to remember everything about taxes, so here is a comprehensive tax guide to get you through tax season! From important tax dates to planning for next year, and just about everything in between, we’ve got you covered! via
Excerpt: I have a pretty funny story about scrounging for change.Two years ago, right before Christmas, I gathered up all of the lose change in our house and headed to a local grocery store.  My goal was to use the store’s Conistar machine and exchange my coins for an Amazon gift certificate.  I’m not sure exactly how much change I had when I arrived at the store, but I do know that it filled up a large  Ziploc bag. via
Excerpt: One nice day can throw your senses into a tizzy after spending the last several months couped up in the house or bundled up in layered clothing. Struggling through cabin fever can be especially difficult for those who crave the sun and just don’t see enough of it during the winter months.  via


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