7 Tips For Staying Cool in Hot Weather

The beach at Scilla in Calabria - the perfect place to stay cool

Apparently the Spring season has decided to bypass the East coast this year as the temperature today is expected to reach a record high of 90 degrees!  I broke a sweat just climbing our stairs this morning; ok, I was doing some early morning work but it’s not fun to sweat especially if you have Mediterranean blood in you!

Sweating is actually your body’s way of keeping cool, so it’s not a bad thing outside of feeling uncomfortable.  So, you may be asking yourself how one can keep cool during a stretch of extreme temperatures?   Well, I’m glad you asked because I have 7 tips for you:

1. Dress appropriately – this means loose fitting clothes and no socks or shoes (if possible).  I aim to wear sandals outside of the office during the Spring and Summer months.

2. Take a shower – taking a shower will give you immediate relief from a hot and humid day.  And the cooling sensation should last about an hour!

3. Draw the blinds in your home and shut all your windows during extreme heat (open windows actually let hot air into your home and a good set of window blinds should block the sun).

4. Run your AC on medium to low along with ceiling fans.  Running a ceiling fan along with your AC can help you conserve electricity and also make your home feel cooler.

5. Drink, drink, and drink some more (cold water is best, but so is sparkling water or mineral water)!

6. Eat spicy foods!  Ever wonder why folks in other parts of world consume spicy food (especially in hot areas like India, Mexico, etc.)?  Well, it’s because spicy foods increase perspiration, thus leading to a cooling effect on the body!

7. Mind over matter – If you think hot then you’ll feel hot.  Humans have dealt with hot weather for thousands of years (and well before AC), so try to focus on the fact that the sun is shining and it’s not the middle of winter!  Personally, I love playing a couple sets of tennis in extreme heat (provided I can rest in the shade between games and have access to plenty of water)!


  1. Ceiling fans are a huge money saver. We found we could be just as comfortable with our thermostat 2 degrees warmer when the fan is running.

  2. I think drinking water is one of the greatest way for staying cool.

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