Pastificio Caponi Pontedera Tagliatelle Review



(photo: packaging is first rate, if not a little wasteful) 

We’ve covered the pasta shape tagliatelle here on in the past (via the Scordo Pasta Challenge) but we decided to review the pasta shape one more time given the quality of Caponi Pontedera tagliatelle and the fact that it’s an egg based pasta (pasta all’uovo).  

Pastificio Caponi is a Tuscan pasta factory (located in Pontedera) headed by two brothers, Andrea e Alessandro Tagliagambe.  Caponi produces dried egg pasta and utilizes Canadian durum wheat flour because they believe the wheat has a high intake of protein.  Caponi’s pasta utilizes fresh eggs and and is cut by hand by a single craftsmen/women.  The drying process at Caponi takes an amazing 70-80 hours at room temperature.

(photo: good packaging, some of the pasta was broken but the package design is pretty)
We thought the Caponi tagliatelle had a excellent flavor profile with great color and ability to absorb our extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, and red pepper flake condiment (a subtle sign of pasta perfection).  Egg based pastas are heartier by nature, but not only were the Caponi tagliatelle rich they were light and airy as well.   

(photo: we made our pasta with olive oil, parsley, red pepper flakes, and garlic)

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