Are We Well Off in the United States or Would You Rather Live Elsewhere?


Every once in a while I have a realization about how well, for the most part, we live as American citizens.  Sure, I understand that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer (with the income gap growing each year) and that wages adjusted for inflation haven’t grown in well over 30 years, but when compared to other countries living in the good old U–S–of–A ain’t so bad.  I was reminded of my situation when I came across an old photo of my grandfather along with my father and uncle somewhere around 1961 or so:


My grandfather Vincenzo is the dark skinned man in the middle while my father Tommaso is on the right; my uncle Francesco is to the left of my grandfather.  Keep in mind that my grandfather is probably around 35 in the photo, but he looks much older (a sign of the hard work and struggles of living in post War Italy).  The photo was taken in Calabria.

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  1. hi!how are you?
    i saw your picture of your grandfather, and i discovered than we have the same lastname, and my great-grandfather was from calabria too, he’s name was vicente scordo, like you. they came to brazil, where my grandfather bourn, then came to argentina, where my father bourn and stay.
    i’m sory if my english is not very well, we speak in spanish.
    i leave you my e-mail, if you wanna talk, maybe we are from the same scordo family.
    i’ve just found in south australia, other family scordo, and they are from calabria too, so maybe we are all family 🙂
    thanks for read, and add me if you want,
    good bye.
    julieta mariel scordo.

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