What We’re Reading – Braciola, Tucci Family Cooking, Emilia-Romagna, Lazy Calabrians, Fast Food

a blood orange is beautiful to look at and tasty to consume - food at is finest.

Mike Colameco’s Real Food – Mike hosts one of the best food shows on TV (PBS) and we love his inside look at the restaurant scene in NYC (though admittedly we do little dining outside of our home kitchen); here Mike share’s his grandmother’s beef braciola recipe.

Big Night, Big Feast – Stanley Tucci’s family hails from Calabria and they love to cook together at home as this NY Times Dining section article reveals.

Anthony Bourdain and Emilia-Romagna – There’s so much to love about one of the northern most provinces in Italy, viz., Emilia Romagna.  The region boasts wonderful meats, cheeses, cars, and a less crowded and atmosphere versus some of it’s neighboring regions.  Anthony Bourdain examines the region via his always entertaining show, No Reservations.

Lazy Calabrians – Calabria gets a bad wrap in relation to lazy attitudes and an unwillingness by its people to put in a days work (when it’s available).  The view is, of course, just a generalization but NPR recently covered how a Barilla pasta factory in Calabria fixed its labor problem in an interesting manner.

Shake Shack – No matter how you serve up french fries and potatoes at a restaurant / fast food joint you still need to watch your gut.  The following Wall Street Journal article is good reason to make most of the food you consume at home and via unprocessed ingredients.


  1. My mother was a Tucci and I’ve met Stanley’s sister. I’ve just ordered the book. It will be great on the cookbook shelf! (Anyone on my gift list reading this should only tell me if they already have the book!)

  2. Vince, just wanted to add that the Tucci Family Cookbook was a big hit among my Tucci-from-Campobasso relatives!

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