What We’re Reading: Olive Garden, Literature and the Mafia, Espresso Manifesto, Arriving in Italy, Aperol Trending, Cappelletti with Kamut Flour


Cappelletti Pasta with Kamut Flour – Made with organic Kamut flour these Umbrian variations of tortellini are an ideal pasta and Letizia Mattiacci from central Italy (Umbria) provides a step by step guide (with wonderful photos) on how to make the pasta shape.

Aperol and Sipping on an Italian Sunset – the New York Times Food and Wine section jumps on the Aperol bandwagon and provides a few good recipes featuring the Italian aperitif Aperol.  Our favorite Aperol drink is, of course, the Aperol Spritz.

Ruhlman on Arriving in Italy – the food writer and cookbook author Michael Ruhlman waxes philosophically on arriving and working in Italy and also provides a recipe for zucchini soup.

Daniela Nardi’s ‘Espresso Manifesto and the Songs of Paolo Conte – Nardi is an Canadian born singer with a love affair for the Italian singer Paolo Conte – she recently released an album of Conte songs entitled, “Espresso Manifesto.”

Fighting the Mafia in Calabria with Literature – The New York Times covers a unique literary festival in Lamezia Terme that aims to address issues surrounding the Calabrian mafia,  ‘Ndrangheta.  We recently provided an overview of the Italian mafia and a follow discussion was started on our Facebook fan page (including a heated exchange on the question: “should we talk about the mafia when discussing Italy?”

Really, Olive Garden – a 2009 Fast Company article addresses the question on why American is addicted to Olive Garden; hint the world’s largest casual dining operation is behind the brand’s monetary success.

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