Festival Of Frugality #221 – Italiano Edition – Top Seven Frugal Tips An Italian Would Love



(photo: Many Italians are frugal, but ask an Italian what he or she loves better, a fig or money and the answer will almost always be the king of fruits, the fig)

If you haven’t noticed, Scordo.com has been focusing on living the Italian Way recently.  Scordo began as a practical living and personal finance blog, but what I noticed with each post was that my way of living was, ultimately, informed by my Italian heritage.  In turn, I thought I would focus on what I know best, namely, how to live the Italian way in terms of food, lifestyle, money, family, home, etc.  

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Without further ado, then, lets get to edition #221 of the Festival of Frugality – Italian style!

Editor’s Picks: Top Seven
1.  Financial Uproar on his argument against tipping.  This is a great topic and I’m always asking myself: why doesn’t the restaurant owner pay his staff a living wage?

2. Organic Eating Daily asks if one can eat organic on a budget and it’s an important question as many folks rush to their local Whole Foods and spend a ton on product that may not have any ROI in terms of quality and health.

3. My Wealth Builder on DIY home repairs – I’m an avid home improvement person and this hits home.  
4. Digerati Life shows us how to sew a button correctly.  I love this article because it’s obviously not about saving money on a lousy button but the idea of doing it yourself.  
5. Journal of Healthy Living try to argue that going to the gym can save you money.  Do you buy the argument?  
6. Money Help… is reading my mind as he advocates for buying a car with cash.  My Italian father is smiling and it’s the only way to buy a car!
7. Every good frugal master knows the benefits of his or her local library and Money Beagle does a good job reminding us of the benefits.  

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