Review: Gargiulo Sorrentolio Venus Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2009


(photo: great, bright, yellow color in the Gargiulo oil)
Olive Oil Tasting
There are a few Italian food products that take some getting used to; I would include items like amari or digestivi, authentic espresso, meats such as rabbit and goat, etc.  High quality extra virgin olive oil may also take some getting used to if the individual is not accustomed to the intense flavor profile of, say, a first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (he or she may only experience bitter and sour flavors at first).
The Review
The 2009 Gargiulo Sorrentolio Venus organic extra virgin olive oil is an example of a well made oil that has no learning curve or entry level barrier.  That is to say, Gargiulo Sorrentolio Venus organic is “mild” and “sweet” by Italian extra virgin olive oil standards and is an ideal “starter” extra virgin olive oil.

The oil color is bright (yellow with very little green overtones).  The Gargiulo Sorrentolio Venus works well as a finishing oil in soups and with fresh salads like tomato or mozzarella.  The oil would also work well with simple pasta dishes like parsley, red pepper flake and garlic or clam sauce.  The only negative to the organic olive oil is that it’s slightly greasy on the palate with a bit of heaviness (in terms of mouth feel). 

Gargiulo is produced, since 1849, in Sant’Agnello, Sorrento (south of Naples and on the mainland near the island of Capri).  The oil is made from the following olives: Ogliarola (Minucciola), Rotondella, Frantoio, and Leccino.    

I like the Gargiulo Sorrentolio Venus organic extra vigin olive oil so much that it’s going to be my go to olive oil for holiday gifts (perfect for that person who’s just starting to appreciate fine olive oils). You can find the oil at the excellent online shop, run by a wonderful woman named Luanne!  


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