Italian Inspired Comfort Soups: 7 Classic Soup Recipes


(photo: chicken soup with tortellini)

1. Pasta e Fagioli

Pasta e fagioli is found in every region of Italy and the only two common ingredients tend to be beans and pasta.  In northern Italy, you’ll find cranberry beans used for the dish while in some southern provinces you’ll often see cannellini beans.  You’ll also hear folks refer to it incorrectly as “pasta fazool” by way of the popular song “That’s Amore” – that’s ok we won’t hold it against anyone!  Click here for our Pasta e Fagioli recipe.
2. Minestra di Fagiolini or Minestrone
Minestra is a typical Calabrian soup and comprised of beans and multitude of vegetables.  You’ll see this soup produced by big food companies and proudly displayed on supermarket shelves and, like buying bottled salad dressing, you should never purchase pre-made soups – it’s a culinary error not worth repeating.  Click here for our Minestra / Minestrone recipe
3. Pea Soup
Pea Soup is traditionally made with dry peas, carrots, celery, potato, and onion.  We’ve never made pea soup with fresh peas and I suspect the flavor profile would be different; dry peas impart a dense flavor and make our pea soup intense and filling.  I like to add toasted croutons and plenty of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano to the dish!  Click here for our pea soup recipe.
4. Lentil Soup
Lentil soup is my personal favorite and I aim to consume it once per week (both during the summer and winter months).  Lentils are consumed throughout the world and while I’ve recently fell in love with Indian type preparations, Lentils are done best in the Italian tradition (in my humble and proud view!).  Click here for our lentil soup recipe.

(photo: one of many classic soup recipes; pea soup is one of our favorites) 

5. Escarole and Bean Soup

I hated both escarole and beans as a kid; in fact, I was a pretty poor eater until I hit puberty and reached my teenage years (who knows, maybe it was the hormones that supercharged my palate).  I count escarole as my favorite green and a good escarole and bean soup is a wonderful winter meal in and of itself.  Click here for our escarole and bean soup recipe.
6. Broccoli Bean Soup
Broccoli bean soup packs a punch; the combination of hearty beans and super nutritional broccoli make for a tremendous soup.  I often consume it as a stand alone meal with a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and crusty bread.  Click here for our broccoli bean soup.
7. Chickpea Soup
Chickpea soup is so simple you’re going to feel silly reading through the recipe, but chickpeas are a great bean to use in soup as they have tremendous depth of flavor and great consistency.  Click here for our chickpea soup recipe.


  1. I’ve not made any of these from your recipes, but I think I’ve made all of them except the broccoli bean soup.
    One of my favorites is this one from Lidia Bastianich:
    It’s so simple! I’ve never used it as a first course, always as a light meal.

  2. Lidia’s food is very good and I like the recipe! Depending on the soup, I tend to serve hearty soups as the only course (with some good bread and a glass of wine, of course).

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